Dear Private Owners, Learn How to Continue Growing your Assets Systematically even WITHOUT Selling  your current property!

Learn how to continue MULTIPLYING your Assets for higher Capital Gains and Passive Income!

Dear Private Owners

Many of you are aware that there are multiple cooling measures in place but you may ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. After the 12th cooling measures that was implemented on 6th July 2018, did the property price drop ?
  2. Why are there cooling measures since 2007 ?
  3. Do you think this is going to be the last cooling measures or will there be more ?

Now is the BEST period to accumulate your assets but you are probably stricken with these common issues like many investors had ie: lower Loan Amount less than 75%, hefty Stamp Duties, etc….
Are You Aware that you qualify to grow your Assets Even if you

  • have outstanding mortgage loan
  • little / no spare cash on hand

You can still own your 2nd property without Forking out with Extra Cash and create additional Cash Savings, even if you do not have Cash on hand at this moment.

Examples of Leveraging For Capital Gains

Case Study A

One of our client Steven engage us to assist him in property ownership and investment. He currently owns a property in Queens in District 3.

After several rounds of in-depth discussion and studying his profile and expectations, we devised a couple of solutions for the owner that caters to his requirements.

One of them is to do an exchange of his current property in order to diversify the locked-in funds into another brand new condo for better capital gains.

District 3 Private Properties Price Performance

Based on our detailed analysis, we also found that Queens transactions have decreased over the years and prices could potentially drop and remain stagnant in the further years ahead.

Steven heeded our advice and swop his queens to another brand new condo within the same district as his children are studying in the same vicinity, at the same time unlocking the capital gains of $135,000 from his Queens unit.

Profit from Exchanging Queens Unit

We revisited this case in June 2020 and plotted the price graph above for case study purpose.

Our Team concluded that if he were to keep his Queens property, prices would have corrected downwards and remained stagnant. This can be seen from the price graph from 2014 onwards.

We are honour to provide sound advices for him to swop his property into a better performing ones and the capital gain amounted to 2x of what he initially gained.

Dual Profit from his 2nd Property used for Capital Gains

The total calculated Cash Profits Steven made amount to a $443,600 simply by executing the proposal given.
On the contrary, if Steven were to hold his Queens unit, prices might have drop and remain stagnant.

Case Study B

Johnson’s family found us on social media and seek our advice on his Fernvale private property. Having stayed there since TOP, Johnson’s family is growing and needed a much bigger space but he is concerned with the huge cash outlay for the next condo.

Our Team proceed to meet up with the family and took down their requirements before coming out with several proposals.

District 28 Private Properties Price Performance

We found that his current property has appreciated and encourage him to cash out these gains instead of just letting this gain locked inside his property.

Our Team also showed how to use this gain to create 3 different types of savings plan for his growing family and to prepare him for retirement even when the couple is below 40years old.

Locked in Profits on Johnson’s 743sqft unit

Part of the $148,400 was used to accumulate another property that we deemed as undervalue in 2015 and made a booking on a 1,238sqft unit.

This property was subsequently sold off in 2019 as part of our proposed on-going plans to assist the couple to build up their million dollar assets.

$234,000 Profit from their own stay Property in D28

The total calculated Cash Profits Johnson family made amount to $382,400 as the family took our advice on building their capital gains.

On the contrary, should Johnson remain in his previous property, prices might have drop and remain stagnant due to lower demand in the vicinity.

Continue to Grow your Assets Systematically and Acquire Undervalue Properties with our 3M + 5AP Strategies. This can be done Without Selling your Existing Properties.

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Benefit and Leverage on our 8 Financial Growth Technique

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Case Studies Of Some Of Our Clients Whom I Have Assisted Since 2006

Benjamin & Tracy are one of the many Private Property owners I met. Like many others, they are already proud owners of a 3 bedroom condo but they have plans to acquire another 1 or 2 bedroom condo for investment.

After meeting them, I explore the various option they could leverage using our 3M + 5AP Strategies and they realized they can actually acquire another unit without selling their current unit.

They are also surprised that they could save the 12% ABSD for their 2nd purchase and borrow up to 75% loan again for their 2nd property.

I proceed to tailor their Asset Progression Plan which caters to their needs after identifiying their requirements for property purchases.

Now they are proud investors of a brand new 2 bedroom private condominium which generates monthly passive rental income of $3500.

Their Cash Savings has also increased by a further $180,000 and this money can be put to good use for rainy days. Their 2nd property acts as another investment instruments that has a potential capital appreciation as well in the near future.

About Clement Consultancy

Clement Consultancy is established in 2006 with the objective to assist our clients to effectively leverage on Real Estate to Create Wealth & Assets Systematically.

If done correctly, we can see ourselves gaining massive profits ( some >$1m ) from the many assets we owned in the critical period of an individual real estate journey, usually between the age of 25 – 60.

The founder, Clement Chew is an experienced real estate trainer & investor who lives by the adage “Millionaires become millionaires not by saving pennies but by investing and leveraging in real estate”.

Our unique 3M + 5AP Strategies had successfully assisted thousands of clients & investors and they had benefited from our individual tailored Financial + Assets planning to speed up their retirement goals and financial objectives.

These methods and strategies allowed every of our clients to clearly understand the various options available in order to enhance and to speed up their desired financial or retirement goals

Leverage on our real estate knowledge and expertise to make your next pot of gold today to meet your individual financial objectives!

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Learn How to Continue Growing your Assets Systematically even WITHOUT Selling your current property!
MULTIPLY your Assets for higher Capital Gains and Passive Income using our 3M + 5AP strategies