Real Estate Ownership / Investment is one of the instruments for Wealth Creation but is often neglected by the mass and only less than 10% of Singaporeans are benefiting from it.

Everyone understands the fundamentals and benefits of hedging and leveraging on Real Estate but not many are guided and given proper advice.

Since 2006, Clement Consultancy had successfully assisted thousands of Clients & Investors to Create Wealth and Assets Systematically via our own 3M + 5AP strategies

We have multiple clients who had gained >$1m profit from property ownership / investment and we placed emphasis on our 5 dimensional planning:

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Enhanced Retirement Planning

How much do you need to retire?

Do you know that if we chose to retire at 60 and lived till 85, with an average of $2,500 per month, we would need at least $750,000?

Do you have this amount in your savings?

Generate Passive Income

Create multiple streams of income and let our money work harder for us!

Imagine collecting thousands every month from the rental of our 2nd or 3rd property that is of course fully paid as well

Gain Capital Appreciation

Diversifying the Profits for better Gains and to increase our Capital / Cash savings from every real estate transactions using our 5AP strategies.

If done systematically, gaining >$1m profits is highly achievable

Establish Legacy Planning

Hand over valuable Assets and Capital gains to your next generation and provide them a head-start in life.

Right CPF usage

Leverage on the CPF BRS, FRS and EHS to meet to our individual financial goals or retirement planning’s

Explore the huge difference between a 35year old vs 45year old when it comes to property investing and be one of the 10% of Singaporeans who leverages effectively on their Assets in order to meet their individual or family’s financial goals!

Hear from one of our youngest investor who understand the importance of starting early and to leverage on his existing resources correctly

Within 6 months, he gain a $36,000 from his 1st investment property and this property has further capital growth

Benefit and Leverage on our 8 Financial Growth Technique


Restructuring / refinance of loan


Guarantor Technique in commercial loan


Gearing / Term Loan




Stretching of loan tenure


Mortgage Choice


Pledge / Unpledge



About Clement Consultancy

Clement Consultancy is established in 2006 with the objective to assist our clients to effectively leverage on Real Estate to Create Wealth & Assets Systematically.

If done correctly, we can see ourselves gaining massive profits ( some >$1m ) from the many assets we owned in the critical period of an individual real estate journey, usually between the age of 25 – 60.

The founder, Clement Chew is an experienced real estate trainer & investor who lives by the adage “Millionaires become millionaires not by saving pennies but by investing and leveraging in real estate”.

Our unique 3M + 5AP Strategies had successfully assisted thousands of clients & investors and they had benefited from our individual tailored Financial + Assets planning to speed up their retirement goals and financial objectives.

These methods and strategies allowed every of our clients to clearly understand the various options available in order to enhance and to speed up their desired financial or retirement goals

Leverage on our real estate knowledge and expertise to make your next pot of gold today to meet your individual financial objectives!

Clement Chew
Assets Strategist / Portfolio Analyst
Life Mastery Academy Trainer
Singapore ACTA certified WSQ Trainer

About Clement Consultancy

Hi, my name is Clement Chew and I am the founder of Clement Consultancy and an Experienced Real Estate Trainer / Professional who lives by the adage “Millionaires become Millionaires not by saving pennies BUT by INVESTING and Leveraging in REAL ESTATE”.

I aspire to help all my clients achieve their Asset & Financial goals by applying a series of systematic step by step approach in property purchase. It is also my wish for my clients and their loved ones to Enjoy Financial Stability and Sustainability and presenting them the option to retire even earlier than their peers. Leverage on my knowledge and expertise to Create and Gain Wealth & Assets Systematically!

Clement Chew
Assets Strategist / Portfolio Analyst
Life Mastery Academy Trainer
Singapore ACTA certified WSQ Trainer

Satisfied Clients

Leverage on Real Estate Ownership / Investment to meet these goals

  • Enhanced Retirement Planning
  • Generate Passive Income
  • Gain Capital Appreciation
  • Establish Legacy Planning
  • Right CPF usage

We have multiple clients who had gained >$1 m profit from our 3M + 5AP strategies

Learn how multiple groups of Home Buyers / Investors had successfully Made their Right Purchase using my 3M + 5AP statistical findings and Gain Capital Appreciation within 3 years time!