We came home and saw Mr Clement Chew’s flyers in front of our door, interestingly, indicating how we can leverage the profits from the sale of our HDB to upgrade to an EC/Condo, and have spare cash on hand.

At that time, our BTO flat had just met the MOP and we were curious to know how this works, so, we eventually met up with Mr Clement for a professional advice.

Clement presented us with a few good options, including detailed financial calculations based on our affordability and we were extremely delighted to realise that we could actually upgrade comfortably to an EC after selling our current BTO flat. The whole process was rather straightforward, however, in between, we did face difficulties in selling our unit due to ethnic restrictions. Clement overcame this obstacle with a breeze, and within the shortest period of time, he managed to secure an eligible buyer for us.

The journey from day one of marketing our house, to selecting our preferred unit, was in fact, a very pleasant one. Clement was there throughout assisting us, making sure everything was in place, and we are now proud owners of a 3-bedder EC by a reputable developer.

This was made possible by Clement’s commendable knowledge of the property market, and also his extensive team of dedicated professionals. We can’t thank you enough, Clement!

Asrina & Wan

Asrina & Wan

We are really happy to have gotten to know Mr Clement Chew.

We knew about Clement through his interesting and powerful flyer which contained interesting testimonies by clients attesting to Clement’s assistance in helping them grow their wealth. Intrigued, we decided to call Clement and met him on 8 Apr 16. Never regretted this move as Clement provided us with interesting facts and information for us to achieve our dream.

We shared with Clement our dream of owning a private condo and at 54 years old, I thought I had already ‘missed the boat’. But Clement worked out and proved to us that we could still possibly own a private condo or to be specific an executive condo (based on my age and financial situation). Being knowledgeable in this area and understanding our inspiration/needs, Clement worked out a plan in which we could achieve our dream of owning an EC. You could say that Clement is our Angel, sent by God, to assist us in purchasing our dream home.

Clement wasted no time in getting down to the business of showing us various ECs. His enthusiastic attitude towards assisting us is exemplary as we are aware that he is doing this without any monetary gain. In the end, we booked a unit at Bellewater EC located at Anchorvale Crescent. Clement expertly guided us through the various paperworks; linking us up with auxiliary support such as bankers (ensuring that we get the best possible bank rates – have to say that the service support was first class) as well as linking us up with a lawyer (which charged us a competitive lawyer’s fee rate). Without such assistance, we would have wasted a lot of time in getting such services.

Most important attributes about Clement is that he is ENTHUSIASTIC and a TRUSTWORTHY individual. He is knowledgeable, understand his client’s needs, and able to provide the best solution for the client.

He is a valuable asset to your company and I am sure he would be go far in this line. With such qualities, I will definitely engage and recommend him to my friends and relatives for all my/their housing needs.

Best Regards.
David and Cynthia

David and Cynthia

We came to know Clement via his FB page. As the parents of two, just like any other Singaporeans, we are looking for enlightenment and advice on how can we raise our kids, have more savings and ultimately, to have a retirement plan without high risks.

We were looking at upgrading from a 4-bedroom to 5-bedroom HDB. After understanding, evaluating and analysing our income, financial situation, etc. Clement met up with us. He worked out a comprehensive and detailed plan and shared his advice from various perspectives. Instead of upgrading to yet another HDB with its potential depreciation value due to multiple factors, he advised us to explore Executive Condo which is about to TOP or already been TOP recently based on factual findings and rationale to justify the WHYs and HOWs.

We have never been so convinced by a ‘Salesman’ and time was the essence. After two rounds of meeting and just four days down the road, we bought our EC. Never did we thought of that, but we never look back.

Today, we are proud to say that we have made the right decision just before another high surge of EC price. After an approximate four months, we collected our keys last Thursday. Everything went extremely smooth to us which we are super grateful for. Of course, this cannot be achieved without Clement’s assistance during the transition period. It was a dream comes true moment when we stood on the balcony and admired the beauty of the private estate with our kids on the key collection day.

Worth to mention is that we also authorised Clement to sell our 4-bedroom HDB. Why not, right? He had the best clarity of both properties and was able to work out the best based on the timeline, handover, financial transaction, legal procedures, to name a few. And, we sold our HDB in less than 2 weeks.

If one is looking to build wealth and assets systematically via property investment, we highly recommend Clement to you. In fact, we recommend him to all our friends and families. Our experience with him has been really great and comfortable. Clement is knowledgeable, helpful and humble all the time. Most importantly, he is very sincere and genuine. Any questions to him will never get unanswered.

Will we be looking for Clement if we intend to buy another property in future?
He will be our first and absolute advisor to go to.

Clement, thanks for everything. Bring on the great spirits and fantastic work!



My fiancée and I were initially seeking to get a BTO as our first home with the intention of gaining wealth after 5 years of MOP from the resale market.
By chance we came across Clement’s profile via Facebook and decided to contact him to assist us to get the right asset purchase with higher capital appreciation & returns within a shorter timeframe.

Clement wasted no time in our getting our financial information to come up with the different proposals that will enhance our wealth and family lifestyle prior to our consultation session. After a clear and detailed presentation of the assets progression plan which Clement shared with us based on our financial profile, we set our sights on a unit in a new development identified by him following a detailed statistical analysis of the new project with a potentially massive capital appreciation.
We took immediate actions the next day and wasted no time in confirming our purchase of the unit in the new development directly from the developer under Clement’s stewardship.

We are very impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by Clement along the way and will not hesitate to recommend his services to our friends and associates for their housing/investment needs.

We are so glad to have Clement’s company with us throughout the whole journey and are definitely looking forward to working with him again for our next property in time to come soon.

Best Regards,
Jack & Sally

Jack & Sally

We got to know Clement through his facebook page / website at http://www.clement-consultancy.com/

We wanted to buy bigger resale HDB flat as our family had expanded, but were having difficulties finding a place which fits our budget. We met up with Clement, and after evaluating our financial situation, he was able to worked out the figures in a very detailed manner and advise us our next move.

Even though we can afford a private condominium, he rightly advises against over stretching ourselves, and instead recommended us to purchase a brand new Executive Condo which is about to TOP. Following his advice and great help in liaising with the developer, we are now proud owners of an EC unit.

He also gave us practical advice on property planning further down the road, and how it is possible that we can own 2 properties in 5 years’ time. His motto is “Build Wealth & Assets Systematically”, and indeed we now have a proper strategy in place to build our wealth.

Throughout our interaction with him, Clement has shown to be helpful, humble, knowledgeable and most importantly sincere. Any questions to him will never go unanswered. No doubt in 5 years’ time when we are ready to upgrade/purchase our 2nd property, Clement will be the first person we will go to.

Clement, thank you for all your help!
WS and KW

WS and KW